PPC Campaign Generates 741 Probate Leads

One of our PPC Campaigns generated 741 Conversions (leads) for a Florida-based probate law firm.Attorney’s fees for probate cases depend on the size of the estate; in Florida, these fees can range from $1,500 up to hundreds of thousands.

In other words, these leads are highly valuable and the Return on Investment (ROI) for this Campaign has been quite substantial; continue reading to learn more.

Four lawyers sitting at a desk signing documents

The Google Ads Campaign mentioned in this case study was targeted at individuals who need help with the administration of a loved one’s assets through the probate court system. This also includes clients who have legal disputes over wills or trusts.

The Campaign was geographically targeted throughout the State of Florida and results were measured over the course of approximately one year.

The following services were used to obtain results shown in this case study:

- PPC Management

- Web Design (Landing Page Optimization)

The following products were used to obtain and measure results shown in this case study

- Google Ads (PPC)

- Google Analytics

Understanding your target audience is everything! At Borealis we pride ourselves in our ability to get inside the minds of a specific target market. In this case, potential clients who need legal help with a loved ones assets and inheritance.

Using our research, experience, and knowledge of search engines, we generated keywords specific to people looking for legal help with probate, or simply, for example, what to do when someone dies without an estate plan.

Once we found the most desirable searches, we tailored the ad copy and landing pages to these specific searches.

We also further narrowed our targeting toward specific demographics and geographic areas that fit the profile of people who likely would search these terms.

Without disclosing the exact revenue figures, lawyer fees on Florida probate cases can range from $1,500 up to hundreds of thousands. These fees are especially substantial when the cases involve legal disputes over inheritance.

Considering the overall ad spend was under $50,000 for these Campaigns over the course of a year, the return on ad spend has been quite robust.

Results are measured through several key performance metrics. Primarily, the amount of conversions the client receives. Simply put, conversions mean that someone called or submitted their information through email or chat.

Here are some key performance metrics from this PPC campaign.

Time Frame: One Year
(Measured through 2019)

Conversions: 741

Cost Per Conversion: $80.05
This is the average cost of a lead. When you take into account the competition for probate in South Florida, and the potential value per lead, this is an impressive number.

Conversion Rate - 21.71%
This is the percentage of clicks that result in a lead. Having more than 20% of your clicks result in a conversion is pretty exceptional for the legal realm.