About Us

Borealis Digital Marketing was started in late 2017 by one person with nothing but a computer, passion, and a dream.


Kevin Kohlert (the founder), discovered his passion for digital marketing while working for a large tech-based company that was directly contracted through Google. While working for this company, he underwent months of vigorous product training for the largest digital marketing platform in the world, Google AdWords.

During this time, Kevin learned about the complex details involved in a Google Search and the influence that Search Engines can have on a business. He found this absolutely fascinating and fell in love with the subject matter.

Following months of training and working on customer service, Kevin was promoted to a Google AdWords Account Strategist. At this time, Kevin consulted with thousands of clients and built marketing campaigns for literally hundreds of unique businesses/industries. This included regularly interacting with high level marketing managers at major companies, CEO’s, and small business owners.

The Campaigns created by Kevin produced spectacular levels of success for the clients as well as unprecedented metrics for the company. As a result, Kevin received global recognition from his company and directly from Google; he was recognized as the top agent in the world for the process in 2016; this included hundreds of agents in 20 different countries.


After a short yet illustrious career, Kevin realized he had found his niche. He decided to leave the corporate world behind and embark on his next journey; thus, taking on the challenge of entrepreneurship. (This turned out to be the right decision.)

Kevin started this business alone in his home office. He began by taking on a modest amount of clients. Using skills that were acquired through tens of thousands of hours of studying, practice, and experience, Kevin was able to help businesses dominate their local areas online.

Borealis clients began seeing unbelievable levels of success and growth to their businesses, which in turn, helped Borealis expand strictly through word of mouth and referrals.

Since this time Kevin has expanded his business through meeting a talented web developer, hiring a chief technology officer, and hiring several contractors. This expansion allowed Borealis to offer a broader range of digital marketing services and take on new clients.

Our Vision

Kevin and his small hand-picked team offer elite and highly personalized search engine marketing services to companies looking to grow.

We put our heart and soul into every project so it’s important that our clients are serious about achieving long term success in the digital world.

We are a young rapidly expanding company that provides a truly unique level of passion and expertise to clients. This is advantageous since we’re able to provide highly personalized services that you generally won’t find at large agencies with hundreds of clients.

We love seeing results come in and watching our clients’ businesses flourish as a result of our work.

The sky’s the limit with us. We want to take your business as far as it can go in the digital world.

Our Team

Professional headshot of a young brunette male wearing a suit. This is Kevin Kohlert, the President of Borealis Digital Marketing
Kevin Kohlert President & Founder
  • Certified Google Ads Expert
  • Google Partner
  • SEO Professional
  • Worked as a Google Ads Strategist on a Google sponsored process
  • #1 Google Ads Account Strategist in the world on this process (2016)
  • Consulted hundreds of business owners, CEO’s and marketing managers on successful Google Ads strategies
Professional headshot of a young blonde male wearing a suit. This is Adam Montville, the Chief Technology Officer of Borealis Digital Marketing

Adam Montville
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Certified Google Ads Expert
  • Google IT Support Certified
  • Google Partner
  • Technical SEO Expert
  • 3+ Years’ Experience in Customer Support (Google Products)
Professional headshot of a young blonde male wearing a suit. This is Michael Daugherty, a Content & SEO Specialist at Borealis Digital Marketing
Michael Daugherty Creative Director
  • Certified Google Ads Expert
  • Google Partner
  • Professional SEO Content Writer
  • Over 4 years experience working in official Google process
  • Experience managing hundreds of Google Ads accounts
  • Over a decade of experience in sales and marketing
Professional headshot of a young brunette female. This is Lori Samuelson, a website developer and partner of Borealis Digital Marketing

Lori Samuelson
Website Development & Visual Design Expert

  • 20 years web design experience
  • Owner Ferry Street Consulting
  • Specializing in UX/UI design
  • Proficient in WordPress, HTML and CSS