PPC Management

Professional Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is a type of digital marketing that involves placing a paid advertisement online. This advertisement provides the opportunity for your target audience to click on the ad and be directed to your website or landing page with a custom tailored message. The name “Pay Per Click” is derived from the fact that the advertiser incurs costs only when the ad is clicked.

In our experience, the most common and effective method of Pay Per Click Advertising involves placing an ad on Google, the world’s largest search engine. Google uses a high powered advertising platform to serve ads within their search results. This advertising platform is known as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

For the sake of clarity, this page will focus exclusively on Google Ads. Throughout this page we will describe the unique level of experience we have with PPC management, specifically, Google Ads Accounts. We will also share a few basic techniques and showcase how we’ve helped our clients expand their business through mastery of this powerful software.

Our Experience With PPC Management

Before we delve deeper into our PPC management services, we want to highlight the truly unique level of experience that we offer in this realm. We will start by providing a brief background on the President of our company.

The President and Founder of Borealis previously worked on an official Google process where he set up and managed Google Ads Accounts for literally thousands of businesses over the course of several years. This process included both official Google employees, as well as partnered companies. On this process, he was awarded top performer in the world in 2016 in terms of account performance.

After discovering his passion and reaching the top of his company, our President decided to bring this passion and expertise in PPC marketing to the outside world and took on the challenge of entrepreneurship.

Almost immediately, Borealis clients began seeing unbelievable levels of success and growth to their businesses, which in turn, helped Borealis expand strictly through word of mouth and referral business.

In the next section, we will showcase some individual success stories of our PPC clients.

Results From Our Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

This section provides some individual success stories for clients using our PPC services. If you’d like to see a more comprehensive list, visit our client results page.

A Florida medical malpractice law firm using our PPC services obtained 1,238 conversions (leads) from Google Ads in a year.

The client informed us that several of these leads became cases where the settlement has a very high potential monetary value. To put this in perspective, the average malpractice payout for 2018 was $348,065.

Just one single settlement from this Campaign has the potential to provide profit on an entire year’s worth of advertising.

We were able to generate 1,683 phone calls/booking form leads for a small local hair salon client while maintaining a reasonable ad spend. (under $5,000 per year). Below are some of the numbers this client saw from one year of advertising.

Conversions: 829

Cost Per Conversions: $5.39

Conversion Rate: 24.87%

In other words, this client only pays approximately $5.00 per phone call/lead and obtains a lead on almost 25% of clicks. We’ve managed this account for over a year and it continues this high level of performance to this day.

We generated over $100,000 in revenue for a client selling fitness gear in the first three months of advertising. The total ad spend was under $11,000; thus, achieving about a 10:1 return on investment.

These results were achieved by using our knowledge in leveraging and maximizing certain advanced features within Google Ads such as: Shopping Campaigns, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, and Dynamic Remarketing.

Industries We Work With

As a company with experience managing thousands of Google Ads Campaigns across hundreds of industry verticals over the course of several years, we are familiar with a wide variety of businesses. We’re going to provide some basic criteria of who our most ideal clients are. This criteria is based on who we believe has the best chance at achieving long term success and growth using our PPC management services.

Law Firms – Pay-Per-Click Advertising for law firms can be extremely effective with the correct Campaign configuration. We have seen the highest levels of success within this industry and helped many attorneys grow their practice using our expertise. We can work with virtually any type of law firm; however, we prefer working with practices that have between 3-20 attorneys.

Other Industries – As previously stated, we’ve worked with a large variety of industries; listing every single one would be excessive. Instead, here’s a list of criteria we’ve put together for businesses that have the most potential in achieving significant growth using Google Ads.

Businesses that are most successful with PPC marketing have:

While there are always exceptions to this list, these are the types of businesses that will receive the highest levels of growth based on our experience.

  • Clearly defined products or services that fill a need (people actively search for it)
  • A minimum advertising budget of $3,000 / month
  • A good quality website or are willing to design one
  • A system in place to follow up with leads or are willing to put one in place
  • Aren’t selling something overly generic in a large over-saturated market (i.e. white t-shirts)

Conversion Tracking

Having accurate data on where your leads are coming from, and which keywords/ads are generating these leads is EVERYTHING! This may seem obvious to some; however, you’d be surprised at how many PPC managers I’ve consulted with that do not have this correctly set up; this includes high level marketing managers for larger companies.

The experts at Borealis provide detailed attribution reports on your most effective ads/keywords and make data driven decisions within the Google Ads account based on these results.

Landing Page Optimization

Having your landing page match user intent is paramount for a successful PPC Campaign. In other words, you need to give users exactly what they’re looking for.

Location Keywords

Do you like spending less and getting better results? I know that I do. Local campaigns that leverage location specific keywords often have a major advantage over competitors. To provide a general example,

Personal Injury Lawyer has an estimated cost per click of $110.
Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyer has an estimated cost per click of $10.
Data showing the estimated cost per click for two keywords. Personal injury lawyer has an estimated CPC of $110 and Nebraska personal injury lawyer has an estimated CPC of $10. This data is used for PPC management.

Niche Keywords

Niche keywords uses the same concept as “location keywords.” These keywords are generally long-tail (not always) with low volume; however, these often yield a higher conversion rate since it’s something very specific that a consumer is looking for. For example, we had a client that was selling automotive parts to manufacturers. We created a general “parts” Campaign along with a Campaign for the specific part number.

Obviously, the part number keywords yielded a much lower volume, yet, a far higher rate of conversion.

Reverse Engineer Your Competition

As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War,
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

This concept applies to virtually anything that involves competition. In the Search Engine Marketing world, doing extensive research on your big competitors, particularly, the most successful ones, allows us to base our strategies on what’s already working while adding our own expertise to make your results even better.

Search Terms Report

The Search Terms Report within the Google Ads Account is one of your best friends. Here you can see the exact term your potential customer entered prior to clicking your ad.

We use data within this report to filter irrelevant searches, allocate budget toward new searches that resulted in a lead, and continuously improve results on your Campaign.

Negative Keyword Audits

Adding negative keywords to your Campaign(s) will minimize wasteful spend on irrelevant searches which in turn will allow further budget allocation toward effective Campaigns. We use comprehensive lists of negative keywords that have been built from managing thousands of Campaigns over several years. These lists save a great deal of legwork in PPC campaign management.

Branded vs. Generic Keywords

Branded keywords and non-branded keywords should always have separate budgets. For example, if somebody is already looking for your exact product/service by brand name, you don’t want to allocate large chunks of your budget toward these keywords.

Using proper Campaign segmentation and negative keywords we minimize spend on branding campaigns while yielding high results from them. This allows more budget for non-branded campaigns and new customer acquisition.