Search Engine Optimization

As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that involves optimizing your website or business’ visibility and performance on search engines. This practice differs from Paid Search as SEO primarily focus on improving a websites’ performance in the natural (organic) search results.

When ranking your website, search engines (namely Google) will consider factors such as the relevancy of your website to the search term entered, the quality and quantity of content, the amount of links to your website from legitimate sources, and much more. Simply put, Google wants to serve the most useful content which provides readers with the best possible experience.

Many are unaware of the true complexity of Google’s Search Algorithm. Theoretically speaking, there are hundreds of factors that influence where your website ranks. Our company specializes in understanding these factors. Using this knowledge, we design pages and content that are search engine friendly, highly relevant, and that provides users with the best possible experience. In other words, everybody wins!

Throughout this page we will provide background on our experience with SEO. We will also discuss some of our basic SEO strategies and show results from clients actively using this service.

Results From Our SEO Clients

We’d like to start by showing results from clients actively using our SEO services. Many companies will tell you that they can “get you to the top of search engines” or “increase your traffic;” however, these claims often lack specifics and provide no verifiable evidence to support promised results.

At Borealis, we believe that the return on investment (ROI) is everything. In other words, our SEO services are based entirely on making this a profitable endeavor for your business. We’ve achieved this goal for many businesses. You can see some of our results below.

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A South Florida law firm using our PPC and SEO services together improved the overall number of leads generated on their website by 202.76% and increased the total amount of new users by 30.21%. This includes a 268.93% increase of leads from paid search and a 236.21% improvement of leads from organic traffic.

The date ranges indicated in the screenshot are compared from equal periods before and after utilizing our SEO services.

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A Michigan law firm combining our PPC and SEO services improved the overall number of leads generated on their website by 104.19% and increased the total amount of new users by 74.61%.

The date ranges indicated in the screenshot are compared from equal periods before and after utilizing our SEO services.

SEO Strategies

The SEO strategies used by our company are not your standard cookie cutter techniques used by your typical SEO agency. For instance, we do not use recycled content, sketchy link building schemes, or other outdated practices that risk you being penalized by Google.

Read more about some of our Search Engine Optimization practices and principles below.

Lawyer SEO

We’d like to start off by saying that we sub-specialize in the niche of legal marketing. Most of our clients are law firms; thus, we have extensive experience in legal content writing and effective SEO practices for lawyers.

Professionally Written Content

Content is king. There is no substitute for good quality, original content that’s custom tailored to your business. Using our experience with writing, marketing, and SEO together, we’re able to conduct research for your business/industry and custom design content that ranks well on search engines.

Local SEO

Traditional website SEO primarily focuses on where your website ranks in the natural search results for certain general search terms. On the other hand, Local SEO focuses on where your business ranks within a specific geographic location or for a geographic search term (i.e. New York Personal Injury Lawyer). We’ve worked with many local businesses ensuring their website and Google My Business Listing appears above competitors within their location.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization involves analyzing user behavior on your website to see what works most efficiently in driving users to make a transaction, or otherwise become a “qualified lead.” This may include: submitting a contact inquiry (email), call a phone number, etc. A good SEO strategist will continuously work to improve this process.

Reverse Engineering

Conducting extensive research on your big competitors, particularly, the most successful ones allows us to base our strategies on what’s working while adding our own expertise to improve these results further. In other words, we Google your desired keywords and/or big competitors and analyze how they’re achieving success within your industry.

Technical SEO

Simply put, the technical side of SEO involves making improvements to your website’s overall speed, reducing load time, and optimizing other technical aspects within each page. Ultimately, these technical improvements maximize user experience and satisfy several SEO ranking factors.

Landing Page Design/Optimization

Landing pages are an important component of your conversion funnel for almost any PPC or SEO Campaign. We design high quality landing pages based on years of experience in analyzing user-behavior on websites.

Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t stop with a high functioning website that has good quality content (although that’s an excellent start). Search Engines also consider several other factors when calculating a website’s rank. This includes the quality and quantity of links to your website from reputable sources.

In addition to “on-page SEO” we provide management of certain aspects of your off-site presence on Google Search (i.e. Google My Business, building quality links, etc).

SEO and Google Ads Integration

Many companies separate their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing efforts into two completely separate entities or simply hyper-focus on one or the other. In our opinion, this is short sighted as both of these disciplines can, and should be synergized for maximum results.

We don’t believe in creating scammy looking PPC landing pages that direct users to thin-content pages or a separate domain. On the contrary, we create “landing pages” within your website that have a clear message and call to action while still serving useful and relevant content to users.

These pages rank well and convert traffic organically while maintaining exceptional levels of performance on PPC Campaigns.

There are so many benefits of using both PPC and SEO together. Here are a few:
  • Higher Quality Scores and lower cost-per-click on Google Ads Campaigns
  • More traffic on your primary domain (website)
  • Your website can appear multiple times on Google
  • You have more data to optimize your websites pages (Paid and Organic search reports)
  • It builds more trust with users (they see more content)