PPC Campaign Generates 1,238 Medical Malpractice Leads

One of our PPC Campaigns generated 1,238 Conversions (leads) for a medical malpractice law firm in South Florida.

There isn’t a cap on the potential settlement amounts for Florida medical malpractice cases. In other words, even one of these leads could provide substantial revenue.

This particular Google Ads Campaign was advertising to victims (or families of victims) that suffered injury/complications due to medical negligence in the State of Florida.

Having a firm understanding of what you’re advertising is important. Having a firm understanding of the audience you’re advertising to is even more important.

We started by conducting extensive research on factors such as: most common medical malpractice cases, most common settlements, what constitutes malpractice, injuries victims may experience, etc.

Using this research, we customized specific ad copies and landing pages to users based on their search behavior.

The following services were used to obtain results shown in this case study:

- PPC Management

- Web Design (Landing Page Optimization)

The following products were used to obtain and measure results shown in this case study

- Google Ads (PPC)

- Google Analytics

The overall ad spend was under $80,000 on these Campaigns over the course of a year.

Just one single settlement from this Campaign has the potential to provide substantial profit for an entire year’s worth of ad spend.

We measure these results by looking at several key performance indicators. One of the primary metrics we measure is the amount of conversions the client receives. A conversion means that a potential client called or submitted their contact information via email/chat.

Here are some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) from this PPC Campaign:

Time Frame: 1 Year
(Measured through the year of 2019)

Conversions - 1,238
Conversions mean leads, these are defined as a phone call or a client submitting their information through email or chat

Cost Per Conversion - $47.37
This is the average cost of a lead. Under $50 cost per lead is exceptional considering how valuable a malpractice litigation case can be for a law firm.

Conversion Rate - 26.06%
This is the percentage of clicks that result in a lead. Basically, over 25% of clicks have resulted in a lead for this Campaign.