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Using knowledge and data obtained from building thousands of Google Ads Campaigns for hundreds of industries.

We’ve developed techniques which have produced millions in revenue and completely transformed the businesses of our clients.

Client Results & Case Studies

David Pietro Partners logo 500%+ increase in clients
1,000% increase in traffic
4,900+ leads in one year
With continual yearly improvements
Logo for Kelly & Kelly Law 450%+ increase in clients
2,900% increase in traffic
3,300+ leads in one year
With continual yearly improvements
Logo for Sean J Nichols Law Office 400%+ increase in clients
2,600% increase in traffic
1,000+ leads in one year
With continual yearly improvements

Do You Want More Revenue From Your Website?

At Borealis, we are focused on providing solutions to digital marketing problems. In our experience, most law firms or businesses have one of three major problems with their marketing.

1. They aren’t actively engaged with any type of digital marketing program.
Let’s face it, we live in a digital world. People rely on their smartphones when searching for products or services. If you aren’t actively engaged in a digital marketing program that reaches your client base while they’re searching for your offering, then your competitors should be thanking you.

2. The CEO is doing it themselves or delegating it to a staff member.
We have yet to meet a super human that can run a business or perform the normal duties of their job effectively while also writing content, advertising, maintaining a website, etc. I doubt you started your business or went to school to learn how to design websites or how search engines calculate your website’s relevancy to a keyword search. We want to help you get back to doing what you love and what you’re best at.

3. They are using non-professional services
There are millions of people who say they know how to do SEO, PPC, etc. What most of them are really doing is using a few buzzwords and convincing you to pay a couple hundred dollars while doing little to no work or outsourcing your project to areas unknown. You know the type, because you likely get cold calls/emails from them every week.

The Solution

We address these types of problems above by offering professional web design, SEO, and PPC services that maximize your companies online presence while eliminating your need to spend hours of your time taking on the project yourself or internally hiring expensive marketing specialists.

If you’re serious about growing your business and getting results from your website, using professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record is the most efficient way of doing so.

Our Vision

We are seeking long term business relationships with like-minded individuals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. We put our heart and soul into every project so it’s important that our clients are serious about achieving long term success.

If you’re a law firm or business looking to significantly increase revenue generated from your website, let the experts at Borealis Digital Marketing be your solution. If you give us the opportunity, you will never have to worry about your marketing ever again.

We are a young rapidly expanding company that provides a truly unique level of passion and expertise to clients. This is advantageous since we’re able to provide highly personalized services that you generally won’t find at large agencies with hundreds of clients.

About the President/Founder

Professional headshot of the President of Borealis Digital Marketing. He's an attractive man in a nice suit.

Prior to starting Borealis Digital Marketing, I was an award winning Google Ads Account Strategist for a company directly partnered with Google. During this time, I built and maintained successful Google Ads Campaigns for literally thousands of various businesses. As a result, I possess unique insights on successful Campaign strategies for hundreds of industry verticals.