Probate Lawyer Marketing

Internet Marketing for Probate Lawyers

Probate cases can be highly lucrative for law firms. As you know, probate court encompasses many legal issues. This includes administration, estate litigation, etc. Of course, when the estate is very large, the potential for receiving a high monetary value for your legal work increases dramatically.

In order to obtain these types of cases, you need to establish your legal practice as an authority on this area of law and ensure that your marketing campaigns have the proper targeting dialed in. This can be done through extensive keyword research, advanced methods of location/demographic targeting, and high quality content generation.

Many marketing agencies don’t understand the difference between estate planning, probate administration, and probate/estate litigation. Working with an agency that has a firm understanding of these differences and the strategies that are effective for each area, will be extremely advantageous for your practice.

The Search Engine Marketing strategies used at Borealis have been developed, tested, and proven, over the course of many years. Using these strategies, we were recently able to generate 741 leads on a Google Ads campaign targeting individuals in need of a probate attorney.

According to the client, these probate administration cases are potentially worth $3,500 – $25,000 while the value of estate litigation leads can be much higher.

Considering the total ad spend on this campaign was under $50,000 over the course of a year, the client received an exceptional return on this investment. We have produced similar results across many types of legal advertising campaigns.

Client Results

We generated 741 qualified leads for a Florida law firm that practices in probate and estate litigation. These leads were generated using Google Ads along with website/landing page optimization.

Attorney’s fees for probate cases depend on the size of the estate; in Florida, these fees can range from $1,500 up to hundreds of thousands.

Considering the overall ad spend was under $50,000 for these Campaigns over the course of a year, the return on ad spend has been quite robust.

Google Ads for Probate Lawyers

We have seen exceptional results when using Google Ads to market for attorneys, particularly for law firms that practice in probate and estate litigation. Google Ads is the world’s most powerful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform and is a perfect way to get your law firm’s message to your specific target audience.

Using strategies such as geographically targeted campaigns, niche keywords, etc. we’ve been able to generate high volumes of leads from Google’s search engine, particularly, for this legal practice area.

Using custom scripts and editing software, we’re able to replicate this success and apply it to other law firms. In other words, we can directly copy these successful Campaigns and apply it to your geographic area/legal practice while changing necessary variables.

If you’d like to learn more about PPC strategies we use, you can visit our specific page on PPC management.