Law Firm Marketing

Internet Marketing for Law Firms

Over the past several years, advertising has completely changed within the legal world. For instance, many attorneys used to rely on methods such as print advertising, local newspaper ads, phone book ads, and other methods to attract new clients.

In today’s world, almost everyone has a small hand-held device that can serve as a newspaper, phone book, TV, and radio all together. The fact is, people now rely heavily on cell phones to search for information and services.

In the digital age, Google searches continue to rise while TV/print advertising is slowly being phased out. This trend will continue as technology develops. As a result, it’s important for law firms to build and maintain a strong presence on search engines to provide a healthy pipeline of new potential clients. Simply put, law firms that do not adapt to these changes will eventually be left behind.

Borealis Digital Marketing offers top quality SEO and Google Ads expertise along with extensive knowledge in various areas of law. We use this knowledge and expertise to produce high quality content, generate leads from search engines, and ultimately achieve high levels of profitability in the digital marketing efforts of our clients.

Law Firm Marketing By Practice Area

Law firm marketing is a highly competitive endeavor in the digital age. This is especially true for practice areas where a good lead/case has an exceptionally high monetary value such as personal injury or medical malpractice. Simply put, these leads can be worth six figures, seven figures, and sometimes even more.

We have a proven track record in achieving high levels of profitability for many types of legal practices. You can read more about our strategies for individual practice within the links below.

Patient at a hospital being helped from his bed to a wheelchair by a nurse

Personal Injury

Personal Injury leads/clients are by far the most sought after and competitive. This is because many states have high economic caps on the settlement amount you can recover for your law firm and your client. In other words, these leads can be worth millions. If you want to acquire these cases, you’re going to need high quality content with a custom tailored marketing campaign.

Blonde woman wearing a blue robe in hospital sitting on her bed facing the window

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is a highly specialized area of law. In our experience, lawyers who specialize in this area have a major advantage with the right search engine marketing strategy.

Silver pen on top of a legal document titled last will and testament

Probate and Estate Litigation

Estate planning and probate are some of the more common practice areas. Many marketing agencies don’t understand the difference between estate planning, probate administration, and probate/estate litigation. Working with an agency that has a firm understanding of these differences will be extremely advantageous for your practice.

Four lawyers sitting at a desk signing documents

Other Practice Areas

In addition to the practice areas listed above, we have extensive experience in helping law firms that practice in: criminal defense, business law, business litigation, family law/divorce, and DUI lawyer marketing.

Law Firm Client Results

Below are recent results from our legal clients using our PPC and SEO services.

Case Study #1

One of our advertising campaigns generated 263 Conversions (leads) for a personal injury law firm pursuing claims against defective metal hip replacement manufacturers.

These leads were generated from Google Ads (PPC) combined with website/landing page optimization.

Many of these leads were part of a multidistrict litigation case (MDL) which is similar to a class action lawsuit. The value of many of these settlement payouts are potentially worth six figures or more.

The overall ad spend was under $50,000 for this Campaign over the course of the year.

As you can imagine, the ROI for this Campaign has been quite substantial.

Case Study #2

Another advertising campaign of ours generated 1,389 Conversions (leads) for a medical malpractice law firm. These leads were also generated by using our PPC management services combined with optimizing their website.

There isn’t a cap on the potential settlement amounts for Florida medical malpractice cases; the client informed us that two of these leads became litigation cases that are potentially worth seven figures.

The overall ad spend was under $80,000 on these Campaigns over the course of a year.

Just one single settlement from this Campaign has the potential to provide substantial profit for an entire year’s worth of ad spend.

Case Study #3

Another PPC campaign of ours targeting probate and estate litigation cases produced 741 Conversions (leads) for one of our Florida law firm clients.

Attorney’s fees for probate cases depend on the size of the estate; in Florida, these fees can range from $1,500 up to hundreds of thousands.

Considering the overall ad spend was under $50,000 for these Campaigns over the course of a year, the return on ad spend has been quite robust.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising For Law Firms

Google Ads, which was previously known as Google AdWords, is the world’s largest online advertising platform. Simply put, this program allows you to place an advertisement on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). Since you pay for this advertisement, the ads on Google are generally placed above the standard search results.

Magnifying glass highlighting the Google Ads logo and textIn our experience, Google Ads is the absolute best solution for digital law firm marketing. If your campaigns are properly configured and managed, the rewards will be exceptional. The advantage of using Google Ads is that you don’t have to wait 6+ months to start seeing a positive return on investment in your marketing efforts, unlike many advertising verticals.

The advantage of using our company to provide this service is that we offer highly unique experience that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. To put this in perspective, our President and founder previously worked on an official Google process where he set up and managed Google Ads Accounts for literally thousands of businesses over the course of several years. Many of these accounts were law firms. This process included both official Google employees, as well as partnered companies.

On this process, he was awarded top performer in the world in 2016 in terms of account performance. Since this time, he decided to start his own business (which is a partner of Google) and has been successfully generating unbelievable results for his law firm clients.

Using specialized Google Ads software and custom programmatic scripts, our company is able to replicate these Campaign strategies and apply them to your specific practice area. Some of these Campaigns have produced substantial revenue and we have the ability to directly copy and paste them with certain edited variables (i.e. name, location, etc).

There is absolutely no reason these Campaigns cannot provide the same level of success for your legal practice provided you’re willing to allocate a realistic amount of capital (budget) to the Google Ads Account.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Law Firms

Unlike the aforementioned paid search results (Google Ads), Search Engine Optimization involves improving the natural (organic) ranking of your website in the search engine results page. Many are unaware of the true complexity of Google’s Search Algorithm. Theoretically speaking, there are about 200 influencing factors on where your website ranks on Google.

When ranking your website, Google will consider factors such as the relevancy of your website to the search term entered, the quality and quantity of content, the amount of links to your website from legitimate sources, and much more. Simply put, Google wants to serve the most useful content which provides readers with the best possible experience.

In addition to Google Ads expertise, our company possesses a high level of understanding on Google’s Search Algorithm along with years of successful experience writing legal content. Using this knowledge and experience, we’re able to provide your law firm with valuable high quality content combined with elaborate SEO strategies that will achieve rankings on the first page of search engines and maintain these positions.

Our content writing/SEO services aren’t your standard run of the mill copy and paste techniques. We don’t use recycled content or cookie cutter strategies. Your practice is unique; our strategies are custom tailored, thoroughly researched and applied based on our findings and your niche.

Legal Website Design

Your website is the foundation of any digital marketing Campaign. Regardless of whether you’re using social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO, etc, potential clients are usually going to visit your website and research your legal practice before calling or visiting your office.

When these potential clients visit your website, you want to leave a lasting impression. If your website looks outdated, incomplete, or like every other law firm’s website, you’re far less likely to receive that phone call.

Think of this like a social interaction; what’s more attractive, the person who just says basic things to agree with everyone, or the person who shows they’re unique.

On the other hand, when your website has a fresh modern design that engages users with informative content which covers their legal issues in great depth, your potential client is far more likely to be intrigued enough to click that “call” button.

At Borealis Digital Marketing, we don’t just design fancy websites; we design fancy high functioning websites with optimized content that draws people to your website and converts traffic into leads. We have experienced legal content writers, search engine marketing experts, seasoned web designers, and technical website specialists to make your project an overall spectacle.=

Summary of Services Offered

Here is a brief summary of the law firm marketing services offered by our company.

  • Google Ads Marketing (formally known as Google AdWords)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO
  • Law Firm Website Development
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Legal Content Writing
  • Google My Business Optimization

Start Getting Results

At Borealis Digital Marketing we are seeking long term business relationships with like-minded individuals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. We put our heart and soul into every project so it’s important that our clients are serious about achieving long term success in the digital world.

If you’re a law firm that is looking to increase leads from your website, let the experts at Borealis Digital Marketing be your solution. Give us the opportunity and you will never have to worry about digital marketing ever again.