Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Personal Injury leads/clients are by far the most sought after and competitive. This is because many states have high economic caps on the settlement amount you can recover for your law firm and your client. In other words, these leads can be worth millions.

If you want to acquire these cases, you’re going to need high quality, original content with a custom tailored digital marketing plan. This includes hours of research on demographics, keywords, competition, etc. along with a high level of understanding on the user search behaviors for these types of clients.

The Search Engine Marketing strategies used at Borealis have been developed, tested, and proven over the course of many years. Using these strategies, we were recently able to generate 263 Conversions (leads) on a campaign targeting individuals injured by defective metal hip replacements. According to the client, many of these leads turned into cases with substantial payouts; thus, resulting in exceptional ROI in our marketing.

Considering the total ad spend on this campaign was under $50,000, the client received an exceptional return on this investment.

We have produced similar results across many marketing campaigns for personal injury lawyers. If you represent a law firm that specializes in personal injury, or another legal discipline, we would love to work with you in maximizing your digital marketing efforts.

Case Studies

Here are results from some of our personal injury marketing campaigns.

We generated 263 qualified leads for a personal injury law firm pursuing claims against defective metal hip replacement manufacturers. These leads were generated by using Google Ads PPC Campaigns along with website/landing page optimization.

This was a multidistrict litigation case (MDL) which is similar to a class action lawsuit. The value on many of these settlements are potentially worth six figures or more.

The overall ad spend was under $50,000 for this Campaign. Considering the value of these leads, the ROI has been quite substantial.

We generated 140 qualified leads for defective knee replacements using Google Ads and along with website/landing page optimization. Similar to metal hip, these leads were part of a mass tort personal injury lawsuit where settlements are potentially worth six figures per claim.

The overall ad spend was under $8,000 for this Campaign; thus, the potential ROI for this Campaign is quite robust.

Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

In our experience, using Google Ads, (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the best solution to market a legal practice; however, personal injury is extremely competitive and the Cost-Per-Click can be pretty steep. The Cost-Per-Click is steep because people are aware that any of these clicks have the potential to result in a multi-million dollar case.

This is where having an expertly configured campaign that has been extensively researched, tested, and managed is paramount for your success on the world’s largest search engine.

The advantage of using our company to provide this service is that we offer highly unique skills and experience that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. To put this in perspective, our founder and President previously worked on an official Google process where he set up and managed Google Ads Accounts for literally thousands of businesses over the course of several years. Many of these accounts were law firms, specifically, personal injury attorneys. This process included both official Google employees, as well as partnered companies.

Using specialized Google Ads software and custom programmatic scripts, our company is able to replicate these Campaign strategies and apply them to your specific practice area. Some of these Campaigns have produced substantial amounts of revenue and we have the ability to directly copy and paste them with certain edited variables (i.e. name, location, etc).

Although there are no guarantees in marketing, there is absolutely no reason these Campaigns cannot provide the same level of success for your legal practice provided you’re willing to allocate a realistic amount of capital (budget) to the Google Ads Account.