Michael Daugherty

Professional headshot of a young blonde male wearing a suit. This is Michael Daugherty, a Content & SEO Specialist at Borealis Digital Marketing Michael Daugherty

Internet Marketing Experience

As an SEO expert and digital marketing veteran, Michael brings many years of direct experience at Google to Borealis Digital Marketing. While working as a contractor at Google, he received exclusive in depth training and insight into the intricacies of the Google digital marketing ecosystem. In addition to this, he received knowledge of Google’s own best practices and techniques for extracting the most from the Google AdWords and Google Ads platform.

Michael has a passion for creative writing and has expertise in SEO writing for law, ecommerce and technology sectors. With a Bachelors in Political Science and a personal interest in the legal field, his unique experience contributes to successful SEO writing for many of the companies top legal clients. Additionally, he has a retail and ecommerce background spanning nearly a decade outside of digital marketing that offers a significant advantage in shaping SEO content to meet consumer preferences.

Notable Works

Michael has published over 100 articles for law firms, LED lighting stores, and other industries. These articles are all professionally written with original content. Here are some of his most notable works.

Personal Bio

As a technology geek and electronics tinkerer, Michael has a unique understanding of products and services offered by the high-tech clients that Borealis serves. Combining this knowledge with expert SEO writing experience allows him to create exceptional content that boosts client recognition and performance across the web.

His writing and SEO content have contributed to the continued success of the clients of Borealis Digital Marketing. Michael looks forward to working with new and existing clients in achieving their full potential in both SEO optimization and digital marketing goals.