Kevin Kohlert, CEO

Kevin Kohlert

Internet Marketing Experience

Kevin started his agency after discovering a passion for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) while working as a Google Ads Specialist on an official Google process. In this process, Kevin consulted with hundreds of marketing managers, business owners, and law firms to maximize results from Google Ads Campaigns.

While consulting with these companies, it was apparent there was a very high demand for professional digital marketing services (particularly SEO/PPC) with very little supply. In fact, after cleaning up countless disasters for clients, it was evident the industry was polluted with scammers and amateurs posing as experts.

As a former athlete, semi-professional gamer, and overall highly competitive individual, Kevin saw a path and aspired to become the “Tom Brady” of Google Ads/SEO and fill these marketing demands for ambitious clients (One avocado shake at a time). As a result, Kevin decided to leave his corporate job under the Google umbrella and bring his deep knowledge of Search Engines to the world.

Borealis Digital Marketing was created around a unique knowledge of search engine behavior and how to leverage this behavior in order to maximize traffic, conversions, and revenue from a website.

Notable Works

Kevin has published over 300+ pages and articles for law firms, LED lighting stores, and other industries. These articles are all professionally written with original content. Here are some of his most notable works.

Personal Bio

Kevin is a Michigan sports fan and craft beer lover who spends his free time traveling, lifting weights, and reading about topics involving entrepreneurship, law, and psychology.